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Recommended Program For Getting Pregenant With A Boy Or A Girl

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If you have been searching for a way to give birth to a baby boy, and you simply have not been able to or have taken all the ignorant advices from people who barely know what they are even talking about, then you should read this article.In this detailed and very straightforward article, i lay it straight out on the very specific sexual intercourse positions that will make you get pregnant with a baby boy when you are ready.

To start with, you must understand that, there is something that causes pregnancy.The sperm of the male swims and penetrate the egg of the female, then this develops into a zygote and passes though many biological stages to form the baby.The most important part is understanding that the gender of the baby is formed by chromosomes.

Chromosomes found in the sperm determine this gender, let us take the male chromosome as Y chromosome and X chromosome as female chromosome, the male chromosome is naturally weak and faster in speed towards the egg of the female, the X chromosome is slower and stronger, the major point is to know the position to stay to produce a baby boy.

For you to be able to get pregnant with a baby boy, you need to stay in a position that would allow the weak and fast Y chromosome to reach the vagina and penetrate the egg before the X's.I'm going to be professional here and would not use words like "doggy style", the fastest way possible is to penetrate the female from the rear end,which makes the cervix closer and can make this process a great success.

You must also know that another much talked about way that seems credible when done properly is by, penetrating the woman when she is lying down with her legs held high in a way that the thighs are in a vertical position and the legs can rest on your shoulders, this is also called an anvil type position and can help get pregnant with a baby boy.

In conclusion, these sexual intercourse positions on how to get pregnant with a baby boy have been proven and time tested to work over and over again,and can work even better when you have been further educated on how to do this effectively and avoid making simple or ignorant mistakes,but keep in mind that you can achieve or make a female get pregnant with a baby boy with these method.

Sexual Intercourse Positions to Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby

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